Mea Vai

(Principal Consultant)

Mea Vai is an experienced legal practitioner with over 20 years experience.

Mea graduated with a law degree from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch and was subsequently admitted to practice as a solicitor in New Zealand.  Following admission in New Zealand, Mea was subsequently admitted to practice law in Papua New Guinea and most recently Australia (Queensland).

Mea’s early experience in law covered corporate, commercial and real estate before specializing in intellectual property and eventually setting up his own boutique IP firm, Vai IP Lawyers, in 2017.


Aside from law, Mea has acquired over 15 years of advising and operating SMEs.

While employed as a lawyer in top-tier international law firm, Mea started a “side hustle” an online media website promoting PNG travel and culture.  Mea’s other SME interests are in the sports and apparel market through MPV Sports – a sportswear business providing quality and affordable sportswear to local sports teams and companies.

Mea resigned from formal employment after 17 years and established his own boutique intellectual property law firm – Vai IP Lawyers.


Mea has also participated in the property market both as an advisor an investor through his property investment company, H & B Invest Ltd.  

All SMEs continue to operate.

With significant SME business and property experience, having Mea as a consultant in Vai Virtual means the experience he has gained, the highs and lows, can be shared to help you succeed with your own SME or property journey.

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