Our Story

Advising friends, family and clients on how to start a business or buy a property is one thing. Actually doing the things you advise on is an entirely different matter. Here at Vai Virtual, we’re fortunate to have done both and still do which is why we consider ourselves to have the required knowledge and experience to help you.

It hasn’t been plane sailing for us, make no mistake. But the beauty of life is about learning and that includes learning from your mistakes to be better.

Our consultants have had their SME journey start while being employed by others – living “their” dream.

Our first formally registered business was Skerah – an online website dedicated to promoting Papua New Guinea. Started on May 5, 2008 the business still continues to operate today despite the rapid competitiveness of the industry. This was a “side” business if you can call it that while being formally employed.

The success of the website helped us to buy our first home. With a growing interest in real estate, we have embarked on property investment and over a decade we have developed and managed our investments.

But the biggest step has been to not live “their dream” but to become self-employed and live “our dream” or becoming our own boss. This started off with the commencement of a law firm three years ago, followed recently with the opening of a sports apparel business and now Vai Virtual a consultancy dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience in SME and real estate so you too can reach your own goals.

We have walked the talk, and you can too.

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