About Us

Vai Virtual is a fixed fee virtual consultancy firm using state of the art technology to provide accessible and affordable business and property solutions to start-ups and “would be” homeowners.

Our consultants can assist:

  • to guide clients through the early stages of their entrepreneurial or property journey; and
  • assist in complex and often, time-consuming (yet mandatory) tasks more efficiently.

We understand the difficulty it is to approach professional service providers which is why the tools we have crafted in providing our service is more accessible.

In doing so, aspiring entrepreneurs or homeowners can save time and money and concentrate on key aspects of their projects.

Innovation drives us to provide a service, unique in PNG. Our consulting services are offered in these forms:

  • vBook – a simple to read self-help guide on standard business start-up and property processes
  • vForm – Uniquely crafted digital forms to capture the most important information to help us help you apply for necessary statutory approvals
  • vConsult – using technology such as email, whatsapp or zoom, we can consult on various areas of concern
  • vAssist – is our administration section to help businesses who do not have the resources or the time to undertake time consuming but often necessary administrative tasks like photocopying, printing and other administrative tasks

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